Hidden under most road surfaces is a warren of communications cables, gas, sewer and electric pipelines, new conduits and crumbling relics. It takes an operator with the skills and the training to safely maneuver through such a maze when needed.

Besides having comprehensive management on site, South Texas Paving uses a custom toothless bucket to dig slowly and safely around cables and wiring. We also take the time to shovel by hand in extremely sensitive situations as needed. The overriding goal is always safety and cost effective.Taking the time to avoid breakages will always be more cost effective and safe for all.

  • Water sewer and storm drain Taps
  • Line installation of all types and depths several feet below water table
  • Fiberglass, concrete, and metal tanks of all types
  • Line repairs in any location
  • Bores under roads
  • Hydrants, valves and Fire department structures
  • On site poured tanks and grease traps
  • New development in full

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