Seal Coating

The asphalt seal coating material used is an emulsion that helps protect the asphalt pavement from moisture, harmful UV rays, grease, oil and other harmful agents. Asphalt sealcoating enhances the appearance of asphalt paving surfaces and adds longevity to the life of the asphalt pavement. South Texas Paving uses a self-propelled, material agitating machine that is capable of pumping heavy sealer with sand at an adequate pressure to ensure a quality thickness. The finished product is considered airport quality and has a life span of a minimum of 5 years.

Other less concentrated amounts are also available in life spans of 2.5 yrs which also needs to be agitated and 1yr, which is most common and does not require agitation. 1yr sealer can be pumped with a regular water pump due to its dilution.


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