Asphalt Paving

Through the use of our Laser, Sonar tracking system, and experienced crew South Texas Paving aims for perfection in all aspects. We are a meticulous group and always welcome feedback. This is why we have become one of the leading most reliable paving companies in the RGV.

We are capable of passing all paving tests, base compaction tests and our full proof laser will give us the right grade everytime. We check plans for errors before beginning any project. We can also provide efficient grades to require the minimum amount of dirt to get adequate flow, thus saving added expense.

South Texas Paving uses a laser and mounts is directly on the machine that cuts. This gives us a ¼” maximum error rate. Water should flow at a rate of 1” every 10’, so a ¼” error will not hold water. Water is the leading cause of all potholes. Apart from proper compaction having a correctly cut base will add years to your asphalt.

paving pik machine

After base is cut then we need to provide and even mat also compacted to proper specs. South Texas Paving achieves an even mat with Sonar Trackers. These trackers bounce sound waves off the ground and the paving screed automatically responds to the correct thickness adjusted. It is the right thickness everytime and all grades that took time to prepare carefully will be followed. It also allows the machine to move faster and less corrections behind the machine need to be done. This also saves time and anyone who knows asphalt knows time is the name of the game. We lay it down and compact it shortly after. That’s why we have no loose rocks and compaction tests of asphalt are never a problem.

An experienced crew and owner with the most experience is always necessary on site. I, Marc Gomez, will always be on site checking grades, machines and looking for details. We have been paving day in and day out for 15 years and this is why we offer the longest warranty. We know what we are laying down so we are not afraid to put our money and time behind any project. This has earned us the reputation of being on the of the most reliable paving contractors in South Texas.

paving pik machine2